Simple Guided Meditation Class

Monday 7.30pm
5 Stratum Avenue, Doreen Vic 3754

What is Meditation?

Meditation comes in myriad shapes and forms from every Spiritual and Religious tradition on Earth. It can be an effective tool to induce relaxation or improve concentration, to help the body heal itself and to reduce the effects of stress.

Ultimately the purpose of meditation is to harmonise the connection between Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. To break down the barriers that exist between the different aspects of our being and help us awaken to our true potential.

However, we must walk before we can run. If one has never experienced meditation then being introduced to an intricate sequence designed to awaken our spiritual faculties is likely to confuse and bore us.

It is best to start with the simplest form of meditation.

How do I meditate?

There are a lot of misconceptions around meditation, what it is and how to meditate. People often think that in order to meditate you have to sit in full lotus position without a thought in your head experiencing the expansiveness of the Universe within your mind’s eye.

That sounds lovely! But don’t be put off if you don’t experience that the first time you sit down to meditate or ever for that matter.

The truth is your mind is not going to stop and take a back seat while you meditate.

It’s there constantly; it’s you, your internal dialogue with yourself. Commenting, postulating, analysing and reporting back to you everything that you experience as you experience it in case you didn’t already know! In fact, it’s our need to analyse and quantify our experiences that prevent us from truly experiencing them, like we’re witnessing our life as a third party, making notes for the folks back home.

So the first thing to engage when meditating is focusing the mind.

"The key word is AWARENESS. Because this is the essence of meditation. Being aware of ourselves and our surroundings."

Being aware of our thoughts, being aware of that internal dialogue that is so deeply ingrained in who we are we don’t even realise we’re constantly talking to ourselves.

Start simple. What’s going on around you right now? I’ve had people tell me that they can’t meditate at home because it’s too loud where they live. So let the noise become the focus of your meditation rather than a distraction from it.

One of the misconceptions is that you need silence in order to meditate.

Where are you going to get absolute silence? Realistically speaking you’re not so don’t fight it. Sound will likely be a constant when you are meditating so embrace it.


These are two very simple techniques but together they can be a pleasant and powerful introduction to meditation. Simply:

Sit, Listen and breathe.

5 minutes is a good starting point, we don’t have to meditate for very long to start to feel the benefit and we can do it anywhere, at home, on a park bench, on a bus or train. We don’t even have to close our eyes; we just want to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings.


Mindfulness has become a buzzword in meditation. All meditation should, at the very least, be mindful. But not all mindfulness is meditation. You can be Mindful while crossing the road or mindful while making a cup of tea, mindful of what you are eating. Breaking the word down give us a clear insight into what it really means to be Mind-Full.

Our mind is full. Full of the task at hand e.g. breathing or listening. By bringing the full awareness of our mind to the task we are engaging we are being mindful. Of course, ultimately we want to empty our mind but in order to empty it, we must first become aware that it is full. Mindfulness in turn leads to Heartfulness and a deeper purpose in meditation.

Why not come along to the simple guided meditation?

Meditation instruction is available by appointment at both clinics.
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