Solar Sound Healing

Michael has undergone training and certification in Solar Sound Healing at the Jade Sun school, Elysium Sanctuary, Wexford, Ireland. Michael began training with the Jade Sun School in 2002 and in 2010 received the Solar Sound Healing certification having completed the required 8 modules and subsequent 13 days certification training. Michael has continued training at the Jade Sun School and has completed a further 3 modules and auxiliary courses. Michael has also completed the level 1 instructor training course in Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

As part of the training at the Jade Sun school students are required to learn and engage a number of meditation practices which are the foundation of the Solar Sound Healers work. Students undertake a minimum of 300 hours training over a 3 year period.

The first module introduces students to meditative techniques that help develop a more intimate relationship with their Spiritual Self. Each module subsequently engages a deeper understanding and experience of this relationship as the meditative techniques open up a deeper connection with our divine nature. The purpose of these practices are to facilitate the evolution of the human soul and the experience of our true nature as Love.

As such, each student has extensive training in meditation and in Michael’s case he has undergone 10 years of training in meditative practices with the Jade Sun School.

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