Why You Should Complement Acupuncture Treatments With Spirulina

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Why You Should Complement Acupuncture Treatments With Spirulina

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Spirulina, (a humble food derived from blue-green algae), has managed to make its way to the top of superfood list for the New York Times. In addition, you’ve likely seen it all over your Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook feeds without realising what it was.

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Spirulina offers a variety of benefits that make it one of the best health tonics on the market.

Like acupuncture, spirulina works to heal several of the body’s systems at once.

 Acupuncture keeps healthy energy flowing throughout the body so that it stays balanced and healthy. Spirulina gives the body energy to maintain a healthy flow. It also brings your body’s acid and alkaline states into balance to heal your entire body. Consuming a superfood like spirulina along with seeing your acupuncturist regularly will help to bring all your body systems into balance and reduce inflammation throughout your body.

For those who are unfamiliar, spirulina looks blue, mysterious, super-healthy, super-expensive and relatively hard to source. However, you can find affordably priced spirulina at most local health food stores, (with the exception of luxury label varieties like Blue Majik).

Blue Majik

Part of the buzz surrounding spirulina is the pricey Blue Majik variety that’s taken over social media. You often see it sprinkled over vegetable/pasta bowls and as the primary ingredient in sumptuous looking smoothies and power juice drinks.

If you lay out about $61, you’ll get about 50 grams of this hot, vivid blue commodity. Blue Majik is significant because it contains a bit more c-phycocyanin protein, making it more potent than regular varieties of spirulina. It also has a notably rich blue colour. However, you can get most of the same health benefits from regular spirulina as you can from Blue Majik.

What Makes Spirulina Such a Powerful Health Tonic?

Spirulina is most well-known for:

  • Its store of B vitamins, (especially B1),
  • Its dense protein content,
  • Its ability to reduce cholesterol,
  • Its antioxidant power, and
  • Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

This simple recipe of powerful nutrients, body system soothers and immune boosters has been scientifically proven to heal a variety of health conditions.

Healthy Energy Flow and Balance

acupuncture spirulina

Just like acupuncture, spirulina keeps healthy energy flowing throughout your body. It increases your energy naturally and boosts iron to fight conditions like anemia. Spirulina also balances your body systems, reduces inflammation throughout your body systems, prevents yeast infections, speeds weight loss and delivers calcium to increase your bone density.

Major Diseases

Spirulina has been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for diabetes, atherosclerosis and stroke, Hepatitis C, reducing HIV viral loads and preventing contraction of HIV or AIDS. There’s even evidence that spirulina can reverse radiation sickness suffered by victims of Chernobyl.

With all these amazing qualities, it’s easy to see why spirulina has gained attention from medical professionals all over the world. However, it’s important to note that spirulina is a bacteria and can cause stomach upset, dizziness and fatigue in some patients. It’s important to consult your physician so he or she can tell you how to consume spirulina safely.

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